Hanoi Easy Rider Tour

Easy Rider Tour is generally understood that customers will not drive by themself but sit behind to our tour guide or drivers

With this type, customers will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the comfort and fun of the stretches of road.

You do not have to worry about luggage because your luggage will be encased in a waterproof, dustproof  bag and tied in the rear carefully.

( Best #1 choice )

Self- Riding - Similarly to the above type of tour, travel vehicle is the motorbike. But with this service, the customer will self-ride. Depending on the level of proficiency and preferences, we offer vehicles: auto vehicles, semi-auto vehicles, motorbikes from 110cc to 250cc 

Customers traveling in groups can choose a combination of self-riding and sitting behind, that is, in one group, there will be both customers self-riding and customers sitting behind the guide. This is the optimal combination way, at the same time, the tour price will also lower than easy rider tours.

If you don't want to self- driver and want to have a driver for you and you will stay behind the driver as a pillion – Plus 40 USD per day per bike

For Self - Driver - We require you have to had a motorbike license and driving experience and full responsibility for your safety and insurance .

Support vehicle for the tour is 125 USD / day (including fuels, accommodation, meals, driver, parking fee )


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